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The Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD)
Wins 2011 National Association of African Americans in Human Resources
Presidential Leadership Trailblazer Award

Missing Pieces Report:
The 2016 Board Diversity Census
of Women and Minorities
Fortune 500 Boards
February 6, 2017

ABD Opinion Letter
To The SEC

On 9/15/09, ABD filed an opinion letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) outlining our recommendations for increasing diversity on corporate boards and why this benefits shareholders.

About the Alliance For Board Diversity

Founded in 2004, the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD) is a collaboration of four leadership organizations: Catalyst, The Executive Leadership Council, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, and Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. The Prout Group Inc. an executive search firm, is a founding partner of the alliance and serves as advisor and facilitator. The groups have a common goal to enhance shareholder value by promoting inclusion of women and minorities on corporate boards.

Our Belief:

The Alliance for Board Diversity believes that corporate governance can best deliver on its duty to shareholder interests when corporate boards:

- Include directors qualified women and minorities with diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives.

- Make independent decisions based on knowledge of the external environment and how it impacts the company.

- Enhance public trust by acknowledging the interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, asuppliers, and the communities they impact with goods and services.

Our Mission

The mission of the Alliance for Board Diversity is to enhance shareholder value by promoting inclusion of women and minorities on corporate boards

Our Call to Action:

The members of the Alliance for Board Diversity are committed to the following as they pertain to women and minorities within the boardrooms of corporate America:

- Offer referrals of qualified candidates through its member and partner organizations that can help facilitate boardroom a adiversification.

- Conduct research to measure changes in the demographic makeup within Fortune 500 boards and raise awareness of athese findings.

- Ally with and/or support like-minded organizations that are committed to the issue of diverse boardroom composition as shareholder concern, as well as with organizations that affect boardroom diversity.