Women and Minorities on Fortune 100 Boards 2008 Census

As diversity transforms our nation and our economies become more globalized, it will be increasingly more important that boards of directors represent the interests and marketplaces of tomorrow.

Research shows that diverse teams, well managed, deliver better results: they are often more innovative and more effective, while building on capabilities from broader and more diverse perspectives. Board diversity and board independence go hand-in-hand. And diverse boards communicate a strong statement to all stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, communities – that diverse perspectives are valued.

That’s why The Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD) is both significant and timely. Leveraging the strengths of our three collaborating organizations, we hope to raise awareness around the business case for inclusion on corporate boards through our shared belief that shareholder interests are best served by promoting boardroom diversity. In fact, the business case for board diversity parallels the business case for the ABD.

So as we look to this year’s report, let us all recognize the importance of increased diversity on corporate boards. From the C-suite to the boardroom, diverse and independent leadership has become a new best practice of the most successful companies and is redefining good corporate governance – not only for today, but for the long-term sustainability of business and our economy.

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